Loki “The Squirrel Killer” Bob Warnock

Loki “The Squirrel Killer” Bob Warnock


This tiny terror of nature has been keeping the wildlife around our house in balance as mother nature commands it for the past year. Having seen such greatness embodied so elegantly within this cunning yet cute miniature fur lion, my fiancee and I decided to start feeding the silent killer. Some would say we were giving offerings to gain favor of the tiny fur God and they would not be wrong. Such an ally would pose a great threat to the quick annoying beasts that try to get in the attic of our house.

For one year we fed and wooed the deadly predator, as strong alliances needed to be forged. He was skittish at first but the rewards of tasty lunch meat where too powerful to withstand. I could see the doubt, mistrust in his eyes. Why should he trust the hairless ones? No one in Lakeside has ever shown him kindness. However, we might be different, maybe just stupid. We gave meat gifts.

A hardened stray he was. Fighting everyday for crumbs. Honorable enough to not get into the garbage. Watching us return from adventures, since that is when we share the meat bounty. I knew he believed he was hidden when he watched us from behind the safety of a bush with his very matted bushy tail waving like a flag. We were both on respectable missions; one for food the other to gain a deadly new ward for the home.

Before long, the matted fluff of fur is willing to get close as we feed him.

Then one day, I petted his predatory ass and found out the beast is not a beast at all. Scared of the goodness of head, chin, and butt scratches but addicted nonetheless from this point on. The addiction is worse than catnip. He’s gotta have the tasty lunch meats and caresses from the loving hairless meat monkeys.

Plucked from the mean streets and no longer a misunderstood killing machine the name
Loki “The Squirrel Killer” Bob Warnock was given.
Accepted into a new realm as a fur prince deserving the softer finer things in life.
Well, until he needed to be de-matted…


Loki as he sits upon his hundred pound pit-bull steed
contemplating his enemies demise 

Loki the newest boss to the family…

It Still Hurts

Alcoholic sickness
Drug impaired vision
Making every bad decision
Dismantled our relationship like car collision
Partaking in suspicious business
Had cousins bare false witness
Just to fuck around
With the most spineless of bitches
You swear they are nothing
Not even worth a discussion
Your world became fictitious
All your lies made my love diminish
You’re a fucking cynic
Now I’m up in a clinic
Feeling unhygienic
Stepping back regretting our past
You show up begging for forgiveness
Wanting a new beginning from the ash
But my heart still feels like road rash
So hard to forgive while punished by the past
The constant flashbacks of all that white trash
Burned into my memory cache

Acadia National Park

My recent road trip ended at the most majestic place on the east coast I have been too so far, Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The coast line is breathtaking and the summit views are stunning. Really no words or pictures can do this place justice, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Click For Pictures>>>> Acadia National Park

Weather or Not

You know you’re scheduled to go in but when a hurricane/tropical storm named Irma is rolling through, what do you do? Suck it up and do your duty, maybe. Okay no, I prayed kinda hard for a tree to come down or some mild flooding to block my road, you know just enough give you an excuse not go to work without having to really lie about your situation, but not so much everything is fucked up. After all lying is too hard, plus, I do have a little conscience that refuses to be an OG in times like this.

Why the drama? Because I choose to be nurse and nurses are expected to come in and care for people regardless of circumstances.  Should the weather be horrible while at work or the Apocalypse, your pretty ass will stay in the facility to facilitate care to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Nonetheless, super awesome nurse I am not, kinda average human is my speed. While it is an honorable and at times humbling profession my brain/body prefer the safety of my bed, monster detouring blankets, and dogs.

Today though, I got the call that I knew was coming about how the weather will be an issue and to PLEASE come in a early for safety. The reality is nurses just want our relief on time or at least know they are going to show up, so we can get the hell out.

So YES, I hoped for semi-horrible things to happen near my house to prevent my leaving it and I don’t feel bed about it either. Luckily and despite my less than admirable shitty attitude to the world’s weather, the weather really wasn’t all that bad. There was steady rain, even some pretty hard wind but nothing that was really gonna impede my journey to work. So I forced my gloom-n-doom ass outta bed to find all the caffeine in the kitchen to bury my face in it, because you know all nurses’ blood is caffeine. Besides, my RBF doesn’t even budge without at least 2 cups of coffee.  Keys in hand with a bug out bag of goodies, just-in-case, and mad-hatter level of caffeine in all my cups I’m finally looking at my car knowing there is a slim to fuck you chance that it’s broke somehow. Even when I slide into the driver seat I give my baby a pep talk on how it’s okay to be sick today, but she’s a trooper and starts just fine, a little better than fine. I knew a failed car was my last chance to stay and be a hermit in front of the TV. So I must go into the world, slightly unwilling all the way.

It’s official though, the Nurse Gods have blessed me with a path to work and damn it to hell and back, it’s the sweetest traffic I’ve ever experienced during rush hour traffic, even with the rain. Little to no cars, one maybe two semi-trucks on the road I really could not complain or maybe my coffee was finally kicking in.


One last thing, I didn’t just make it on time, my ass was early.  ***Middle finger to the sky***




Late Night Hobby

Finding hobbies for my late nights that don’t require to much noise and shit, cause god forbid I should wake the people with normal working hours. Like, come on people 9 to 5 is that basic bitch shit. Who really wants to interact with the sunlight people on the daily with their high and mighty attitudes cause they see the sun on the regular. I chose the nights for the calm and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I like some people…sometimes. Truth be told, I get a little anxiety when there are so many of you sweet kind faced people about.

Anywho, lets see how this new creative outlet works out. Worst case scenario is still a win with Krispy Kreme open 24hrs.